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The Learning Centre

Moira, Goa

We believe that education
is not for life but is life itself

kids holding hands in a circle outdorrs

The Learning Centre (TLC) aims to provide a childhood experience outside the family, in partnership with other children and adults, in a physical environment of natural beauty and a social environment of respectful acceptance and empathy towards others. We aim to nurture active and joyful learners with the ability to think critically and yet remain compassionate. This, we believe, will allow children and their mentors to engage with experiential and theoretical learning in a manner that will enable them to lead their lives with awareness and knowledge of themselves and the world.

TLC Plus (TLC+) is a learning programme aimed at expanding the experiences, understandings and knowledge of

14-18 year olds. It is an extension of TLC, with attention to multidisciplinary and experiential learning, where the older learners will be able to reflect on their place in the 'living world' and its attendant/allied spirit of Respect, Responsibility and Reciprocity.


Admissions are closed for the Academic Year 2023-24


However, if you are curious about TLC, please feel free to get in touch with us.

The Learning Centre is an initiative of Furthering Education, a not-for-profit organisation that assists schools, teachers and parents in building meaningful educational environments in which students become truly international citizens.

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Course Highlights

Exploring Behind the Scenes

Get a sneak peek into the meticulous work that goes

into crafting museum exhibitions.

Unveiling Best Practices

Delve into the fundamental principles of curation and discover how museums serve as hubs for deep learning; shaping meaningful connections between people and artifacts.

Engaging with Artifacts

Immerse yourself in the diverse selection of exhibits, and bring together different pieces to facilitate thought-provoking conversations.

Crafting Your Own Tour

Learn to research and design your very own mini museum tour. Develop narratives and explore innovative ways to present art to your peers.

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