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Work With Us

Being a facilitator at TLC is different from working at most other educational organisations. 

If you are keen to learn, observe and spend time with young and inquisitive minds, please get in touch with us.

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First, we operate within a non-hierarchical structure: we ensure the smooth running of TLC as a team in consultation with children and in many cases, with the active support of parents. We manage all pedagogical, administrative and financial aspects of TLC cooperatively.  We are also collectively responsible for laundry, sorting and recycling waste, composting and farming (along with the children). 

Second, we believe that trust and respect need to be earned and merely being an adult does not entitle us to this. Children expect you to be a role model and that means you must carry yourself with thoughtfulness and integrity, setting a positive example for them.

Third, we are flexible and work with children across the ages 5 to 18.  Some of us have special areas of expertise, others work more widely using an integrated approach.

Most importantly, we aim to be financially self sustaining and ecologically sustainable. Our financial package allows for a simple yet wholesome life in Goa. Over the years, Goa has welcomed people with wide ranging talents, and families with children have made use of the  many exciting opportunities that are to be found in the worlds of music, dance, football, martial arts and many more! The gentle sea along the west coast finds favour with those who love to swim, walks in forests and on plateaus abound, and village life is kind to the human spirit.

TLC is an intimate set-up and we plan to continue being this way. If you feel that such a space and profile resonates with who you are then please apply here. We would love to start a dialogue with you and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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