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  • How formal and structured will the programme be?
    The programme is a combination of structure and flexibility. It is designed to be creative and dynamic, which means it is open to change.
  • Will my child have to come every day to the Centre?
    Mostly yes; it provides regularity, routine and ensures that group projects run uninterrupted. Illness, emotional disruptions are real reasons for missing a few days. Other learning opportunities (like sailing, out-of-station treks, apprenticing with an artist) that overlap with our sessions are valid reasons too.
  • What if my child is not ready for some of the curricular tasks?
    Most tasks are designed for effort not achievement. If he still unable, he will be provided with suitable alternatives.
  • Is the Centre seeking affiliation to any national or international board examination?
  • If the learning is not assessed through grades and percentages, how will the students and parents know if the learning objectives are being realised?"
    Students: Regular conversations Parents: Written communication twice a semester. You can seek an interview with us and discuss the same
  • How can a parent meet with teachers?
    If you have a concern or suggestion, please communicate with us.
  • Are there institutions of higher learning which accept students who have not been through a formal educational system?
  • Where are they located?
    Both in India and abroad.
  • How may I as a parent support TLC?
    We see you as an important partner in the education of your child. Please talk to us.
  • Do you enrol children with special needs?
    Yes, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Are there curriculums/schools that will allow students to independently apply and sit for examinations?
  • Should my child want to appear for a Board Examination would you assist in the preparation of the same?
  • What about laboratory facilities for science projects?
    We see science as more than experiments and do not have an equipped laboratory.
  • Are there any “special events” during your calendar year that will showcase the talents of students?
  • Would my child be able to gain admission to a regular school after TLC should the need arise?
    Yes. Though such schools are few, they do exist and, typically, are located in the major metropolitan centres of India as far as we know.
  • Is there a dress code?
    Yes. Comfortable clothes that are willing to get dirty.
  • Do you reward and punish children?
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