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Curating Your Classroom

Museum-inspired Learning for Educators

(in collaboration with Bihar Museum)

An innovative educational program certified by Bihar Museum and Furthering Education, designed to empower educators with the tools and strategies to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. This program recognizes that every classroom is a unique ecosystem, shaped by the diverse needs and interests of both teachers and students. "Curating Your Classroom" goes beyond traditional teaching methods, offering a comprehensive approach that combines pedagogical expertise with creativity. From arranging physical spaces for optimal collaboration to selecting and integrating multimedia resources that cater to various learning styles, this program equips teachers to curate a rich educational experience. Through thoughtful curation, educators can foster a sense of curiosity, exploration, and critical thinking among students, ultimately nurturing a lifelong love for learning.

Curating Classrooms_Bihar Museum 2023
Course Information

Day 1: Introduction to Museums as spaces of and for learning

•Exploring and understanding museums as spaces with potential to learn within and from. 

•Identifying learning objectives and goals for integrating museum concepts in the classroom: curation, interactive learning, context based understanding 

•Designing Museum-Inspired Learning Activities for the classroom: object based learning, multi sensory learning, storytelling and exhibitions 

•Creating interactive and hands-on learning experiences inspired by museums:  Teachers design and present a mini-museum activity for a chosen subject.

Day 2: Creating museum-inspired classrooms: Displays, curation and exhibitions as learning processes


•Design principles for creating museum-inspired displays in the classroom: how do you curate a classroom to create a vibrant learning experience 

•Incorporating multimedia, technology, and interactive elements.

•Teachers collaborate on designing a thematic classroom exhibition: design, prototype and present. 

Day 3: Planning, Implementing and Conducting Engaging Museum Tours


•Techniques for sparking curiosity and interaction during tours: developing games, activity sheets, role plays and story telling. 

•Role-playing: Teachers practice leading a mock museum tour, focusing on engagement.

•The benefits and challenges of museum field trips: tips for planning logistics, student engagement, and learning outcomes.

•Group activity: Teachers develop a comprehensive plan for a museum field trip, including pre-visit, during-visit, and post-visit activities.

Course Details

29th Sept - 2nd Oct


Bihar Museum, Patna

Program Fee

Rs. 27,000/- per person

(Includes facilitation, food, stay, internal transport, course materials, entry fees, and taxes. Excludes travel and medical insurance, daily allowance, travel to and from Patna)

Contact us

+91 97640 06746 | Insta

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