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Enrichment Programme

Embark on a Journey of Discovery, Empathy, and Impact in India

Join us for an enriching and transformative experience in the captivating landscapes of India. Our Enrichment Programmes are designed to provide high school students with a unique opportunity to explore the intricate tapestry of our world, engage in social initiatives, and nurture their innate capacities for compassion and understanding. At FEdu Furthering Education LLP, we firmly believe that direct experiences shape our perspectives, and this journey is tailor- made to foster awareness, empathy, and a commitment to positive change.

Enrichment Programme 2023

Immersive 5 to 7 Day Experience

Our programme is meticulously crafted for students to:

Engage with the realities of trying to become “global citizens”; associate with social enterprises, that work in various fields of development

Explore new physical and social environments through travel within Goa/Pune/Hyderabad/Bangalore - markets, beaches, cities, and villages

Participate in local/global cultural practices - such as learning martial arts and creative arts - for cross-cultural experiences and conversations

Challenge themselves to work collaboratively, creatively, and reflectively

Grapple with questions of ethics that arise in activities/projects

Course Details


5 to 7 days


If you have a group of 15 or more people, you can choose your own dates


Goa / Hyderabad / Pune / Bangalore

Program Fee

Rs. 9,000/- per person, per day

(Includes facilitation, food, stay, internal transport, course materials, entry fees, and taxes. Excludes travel and medical insurance, daily allowance, travel to and from Goa / Hyderabad / Pune / Bangalore)

Contact us

+91 97640 06746 | Insta

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