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What is TLC+

TLC Plus is a learning programme aimed at expanding the experiences, understandings and knowledge of

14-18 year olds.

We welcome both current TLC children and others who wish to undertake this journey with us!

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TLC+ will uphold the values and aims of The Learning Centre, Goa: to nurture active, joyful and courageous learners with the ability to think critically and imaginatively, and yet remain compassionate and humble.

We believe that this will allow young people and their mentors to engage with experiential and theoretical learning in a manner that will enable them to lead their lives with awareness and knowledge of themselves and their eco-systems, and to analyse and question the hegemonies and power structures that endanger them.

We have faith that they will use their knowledge and skills to solve problems with courage and kindness, work alongside others with a sense of fairness and justice, and stand against all forms of discrimination and oppression.

While TLC Plus is envisaged as a four-year programme, it can be adapted to the needs of the individual learner in relationship with their facilitators and mentors.

Our Offering

The Arts of Expression

Language Arts

English, Konkani, Hindi

Graphic Arts, Theatre and Music

Drawing/sketching, painting/charcoal, music

(vocal/instrumental, dance, drama)

Humanities and the Social Sciences




Physical and Human Geography,

Political Science, Philosophy,


and Economics

Physical & Life Sciences and Mathematics



Environmental Sciences,



Body-mind and Health

Martial Arts

(Capoeira, Kalari, Tai chi),

Outdoor Education (Camping, Swimming,

solitary time in the wild, flora and fauna identification, cycling and walking),

Yoga and Meditation

Learners also may explore Cooking and Nutrition at home and through regional


If you would like to know more about TLC+, please write to us at

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